Thursday, July 31

Enough vs. Too

Our topic for today is two very simple words, “enough” and “too.” Although they are simple, you still need some skill to make sentences with them.

First, let’s talk about meaning.


Enough” means that the amount of something is as much as you need, or the number is as many as you need.


We have enough gas.

Did you bring enough money?

The apartment has enough chairs.

Or, if you want to make longer sentences, you can say:

We have enough gas to go to the beach.

Did you bring enough money to take a taxi?

The apartment has enough chairs for all the guests / for the party.

On the other hand, “too” means more than what is needed or acceptable.


This shirt is too big.

There are too many people.

I shouldn’t have eaten too much. Now I have a stomachache.

Easy, right?

Now, let’s try making longer sentences using our two words, “enough” and “too.”

Structure # 1: Enough

Today we’re going to learn a very common structure using “enough.” We will try to use our target word in a sentence and combine it with an Adjective.

Take a look at the pattern below and try to remember it. This is the pattern for “enough.”

S + be + adjective + enough + to + verb

Now let’s practice our pattern by making some example sentences.

He is old enough to drink. = Ok

She is smart enough to enter Harvard University. = Ok

The wind is strong enough to blow away a house. = Ok

Now it's your turn. Practice making sentences by yourself. Just follow the pattern above.

But be careful not to switch the Adjective and “enough.” This is a common mistake made by learners.

He is enough old to drink. =X

She is enough smart to enter Harvard University. = X

The wind is enough strong to blow away a house. = X

Structure # 2: Too

Now let’s practice with “too.” This is the pattern. Please also keep this in mind:

S + be + too + adjective + to + verb

Here are my examples:

He is too poor to buy anything. = Ok

That car is too old to run. = Ok

I’m too tired to walk. = Ok

Please practice making your own examples. Just follow our pattern above.

Let’s Compare!

Have you noticed anything? If you place the sentences of “enough” and “too” side by side and compare them, you will see a very big difference:

He is old enough to drink. = He can drink


He is too young to drink. = He can’t drink

Here’s another good comparison:

They are rich enough to buy a mansion. = They can buy


They are too poor to buy decent clothes. = They can’t buy


He is tall enough to join the basketball team. = He can join


He is too short to join the basketball team. = He can’t join

Please remember this big difference when you practice our two words.


All our examples above have an Active meaning. Have you noticed? 

Take a look:

But it’s also very common to make “enough” and “too” sentences with a Passive meaning. 

Take a look:

Hope You Learned Something!

Keep on learning !

Do You Have Any Questions?


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